Webb Travel

Imagine a world filled with adventure & Excitement, here at Webb Travel we offer a wide variety of experiences that are made to suit your needs, whether it be 5 star or a backpacker that you are looking for, we are here to satisfy your wanderlust.

Journey into Africa

From the deepest parts of Africa to the beautiful Ocean Sunrises, there is so much to discover in Africa that will leave you feeling free and alive again. Walk with the last known Gorillas in the rain forest or explore the skeleton coast in South West Africa. Whichever gives you those butterflies, let us plan your Journey!

Lekker Local

Whether you want to experience the best cuisine on the South African Coast or visit the wildest bush safaris on the planet, You can look forward to experiencing serenity as the Sun sets and Dusks Settles. Let us plan the next chapter of your travel affair.

Escape to Mauritius

Mauritius is for Everyone , from couples in the bubble lodge to Families experiencing the glass bottom boats. Mauritius offers adventure, romance, cuisine and so many more unique experiences. Contact us today to plan your trip.

Experience the Maldives

A collection of thousands of tiny coral islands surrounded by a lagoon of shallow water, it is the clearest water you will ever see. If you’re looking for the Ultimate relaxation destination look no further, let’s take you to the Maldives.

Relax in Zanzibar

Palm-lined stretches of powder-white coral sands, warm waters and coral gardens teeming with marine life. From adrenalin sports to simple seaside fun; sipping sundowners to deep-sea diving; some of the islands’ most magical moments definitely centre on the sea. If this sounds like your perfect destination, contact us today!